Permission to Feel is lyrically beautiful and timelessly moving, as it traces the journey that no one wants to take … one that challenges our narratives and ideologies, brings front and center our authentic experiences of fear, worry, truth and triumph, and ultimately awakens the soul. We don’t always get to choose what happens in this life, but we can choose to grow in compassion and wisdom.

Sandra Fazio provides a striking example of this as she chronicles her own path to consciousness, alignment, parenting and a host of relatable life events. The book offers poignant and transformational poetry, prose and musings that cut directly to the heart. Her suggestions ring clear and true because she knows the territory intimately in all its pain and promise and has given us the gift of sharing it.”

Transformational Speaker and Coach, Founder of Love Wave Live!


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About the Book

After leaving the corporate world and receiving a message from The Universe, Sandra Fazio embarked on a passionate mission to help others raise their personal and collective self-awareness.

As an intuitive guide Sandra’s poems in Permission to Feel are a collection of many reflections in a storytelling fashion from her motherhood journey, daily encounters in the world, interactions with her coaching clients, personal interpretations of wisdom teachings and her attempts to balance life as a whole between her humanness and spirit.

The reader will travel with her lyrically through her experiences not only as parent and child but through all channels of life – touching upon pain and purpose, surrender and acceptance, trials and transformation and more. Throughout this outstanding and revealing collection of work, Sandra holds nothing back and encourages us to embark on our own journey of inner-exploration to fully embrace all of life’s messiness while cultivating self-compassion, clarity, personal growth, and ultimately awakened consciousness.


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I am deeply grateful for everyone’s love and support in helping me move the messages from my heart and soul into the hearts and souls of humanity and bring healing to the world!


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“Sandra Fazio offers a unique vantage point with her new book. Through poetry she gives the reader an opportunity to peer more closely into their own soul rhythms. The titles of the poems alone invite contemplation. I see this book being utilized in tandem with self-reflection for those interested in perceiving their own unfolding life in a deeper and wider way. It is a truly beautiful contribution to our world.”

Author of Soul to Soul Parenting and From Role to Soul, United States

“This collection of life and self, poured out onto pages with words woven together so brilliantly, is a gift — a beautiful and transformative gift. The experience of being shown that you’ve been sleeping, the jarring reality of a wake-up call, and the passage out of illusion and into truth can feel so solitary. But this collection through Permission to Feel makes you feel seen, heard, collected. Sandra’s words highlight the truth – which is most personal — is also indeed most universal that ‘I see you and I get you, because I am you.’ “Truth”.


Registered Psychologist, Parenting Expert and Mom, United States

“Sandra’s words have a way of luring you into her poetry and making you feel a part of it — dancing in the music of it — until your soul cracks open to transformation and gives you Permission to Feel. By sharing her own experiences in this uplifting compilation, Sandra organically leads you to recognize and unravel hidden knots in your physical, emotional, and mental memory. Her heartfelt dedication is truly enjoyable, magical, and transformational!”


Educator, Founder of Tools of Growth, and Author of the Award-Winning Book The “Perfect” Parent, United States

“Each word that comes through Sandra touches the soul of the one who is reading it. She is a gifted poet, a beautiful storyteller and a woman who shares from a place of love, vulnerability and passion. She creates with intention and it is felt in these pages.

I consider discovering Sandra and her words a true blessing in my life. A must read for anyone who loves to be taken on a journey through written word. Be prepared to have your soul moved.”


Author of The Affirmation Station and The Magical Mystical Warrior Of Love, Canada

Permission to Feel will move you to tears, comfort you in pain and darkness, call you deeper inward to the being of your own soul, expand your conscious awareness, lift your spirits, remind you that you are not alone, and truly invite you further into the depths of your very own soul’s path trajectory.”


Owner / Founder at Online Marketing and Content Curation for Therapists and Coaches, United States

“This wholehearted inspirational book reveals how speaking your truth and releasing your feelings can act as a birth canal to every woman’s most authentic spirit. In each one of these poems that Sandra writes, every being can find a source of wisdom, hope and a conduit to empower the most forbidden of human rights … the Permission to Feel.”


Clinical Psychologist, Conscious Parent Coach, Former President of the Guatemalan Psychological Association, Guatemala

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